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The share

The share and shareholders

Bokusgruppen AB is listed at Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in Stockholm Sweden since 4th of June 2021 under the trade symbol BOKUS. 

The total number of diluted outstanding shares is 16,151,226.

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Volume, thousands
[{"d":"2021-06-14","n":"Subscription made in warrant program in Bokusgruppen","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/subscription-made-in-warrant-program-in-bokusgruppen/"},{"d":"2021-06-04","n":"Trading in the Bokusgruppen share commences today on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/trading-in-the-bokusgruppen-share-commences-today-on-nasdaq-first-north-premier-growth-market/"},{"d":"2021-06-03","n":"Bokusgruppen approved for listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/bokusgruppen-approved-for-listing-on-nasdaq-first-north-growth-market/"},{"d":"2021-05-27","n":"Bokusgruppen publishes company description ahead of listing","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/bokusgruppen-publishes-company-description-ahead-of-listing/"},{"d":"2021-04-12","n":"Bokusgruppen’s preparations for the Lex Asea dividend","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/bokusgruppens-preparations-for-the-lex-asea-dividend/"},{"d":"2021-04-27","n":"Bokusgruppen AB (publ) Interim Report January-March 2021","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/bokusgruppen-ab-publ-interim-report-january-march-2021/"},{"d":"2021-05-25","n":"Volati announces record date for distribution of Bokusgruppen","u":"/en/media/press-releases/2021/volati-announces-record-date-for-distribution-of-bokusgruppen/"}]

Share data


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Price Volume Buyer Seller Time


The following table shows the estimated shareholding in Bokusgruppen after Volati’s distribution of shares in the company, taking into account shareholders who have direct or indirect holdings that exceed 5% of the shares or votes in Volati as of 31 March 2021. The company is not aware of any natural or legal person who owns or will own 5% or more of the total number of shares or votes in the company other than those shown in the below table.

 NameNumber of sharesShares and votes % 
Karl Perlhagen
43 %
Patrik Wahlén 3,871,25624 %

The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund

1,062,593 7 %
Board835,6475 %
Senior executives269,9342 %
Others3,220,09620 %
Total16,151,226100 %