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Objective: To be the customer’s preferred choice

Through strong brands, Bokusgruppen aims to be the preferred choice for as many customers as possible within the segments we serve. Through complementary customer offerings, we satisfy all types of customer preferences through physical and digital channels. We respond to new needs and consumer behaviours and continually develop our offerings with a focus on the customer.

Our four strategies 

Four strategies 

Bokusgruppen’s strategies are summarised in four main areas:

  1. Build strong and complementary brands

  2. Growth

  3. Profitability

  4. Sustainability

Strong and complementary brands in digital and physical channels

We aim to achieve our objective – of becoming the preferred choice for as many customers as possible – by building and developing strong and highly appreciated consumer brands with high brand awareness. Brands that complement each other and satisfy varying customer needs in terms of availability, purchasing channel, product range and service level. 

With the Akademibokhandeln, Bokus and Bokus Play brands, Bokusgruppen is a market leader and occupies a unique position.

No other player has a comprehensive offering covering all physical and digital channels. Our three complementary brands enable us to reach out to the whole of Sweden – digitally and physically. 

Bokusgruppen’s various brands are well positioned and create a complete offering that satisfies all customer requirements and situations.

Bokus meets its customers through a purely online offering with a focus on low price and a smooth shopping experience.
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With Bokus Play, we reach customers with an attractive and unique subscription service for those who find audio books and e-books appealing. Bokus Play is active in the fastest-growing segment of the book market. . 
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Akademibokhandeln’s large network of approximately 100 stores ensures wide availability with a local presence. Combining the complete online offering with the strengths of physical stores means that Akademibokhandeln’s offering is unique and hard to duplicate. Through our omnichannel offering, we facilitate greater visibility in the customers’ daily lives, which is based on awareness and drives traffic and loyalty.
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Focus on growth

To capture an even stronger position in a market that is growing in terms of value and volume, Bokusgruppen has a keen focus on growth. With stable underlying earnings, favourable growth opportunities are generated in a number of areas.

Growth through digital channels (Bokus and Bokus Play)

  • Further develop the online shopping offering to increase loyalty and add customers.
  • Scale up recruitment of subscribers by using our own channels, such as stores and loyalty clubs.

Growth through a combination of physical and digital channels (Akademibokhandeln)

  • Combining digital services and the complete online offering with the strengths of physical stores helps grow the customer base and sales per customer.
  • Digital tools that optimise the customers’ ability to shop and have their goods delivered in a customised manner, such as the option of faster deliveries and click & collect for online purchases.

Growth in other areas of the product range

  • Make items in other areas of the product range – such as games, art supplies, planners and toys – available online.
  • Increase the proportion of unique (private label) products.
  • Develop the range by adding new related categories.
  • Develop by adding new relevant services within, for example, events, education and book club activities.

Profitability improvements

In addition to our growth areas, we are also focusing intently on profitability improvements within the business operations. These will be generated through an increased rate of automated processes within our central functions aided by better IT tools and a new technical platform. Staffing optimisation in stores – aided by new digital tools that facilitate self-checkout and mobile checkout points – is another important area. Another focus area for profitability improvements is rent negotiations for store premises, whereby our negotiation position should improve when vacancy rates increase.


Bokusgruppen has an important role to play in society and regards sustainability as a competitive advantage and an important strategic area that is a natural feature of the operations.
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