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Investor Relations-page

For investors 

Welcome to Bokusgruppen's investor page!

Here you can find our latest reports, press releases and reasons to invest in Bokusgruppen.

Sustainability is an important and integrated part of our business. As a result we have been acknowledged as an ESG Transparency Partner.This certification is used by our included firms to signal engagement in market transparency and in raising environmental standards.

Upcoming events

16 Feb2023

Year-end Report 2022

Financial calendar

Here you can find our upcoming reports and financial events. 

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Why Bokusgruppen?

Bokusgruppen's strengths

  1. Market leader on a growing market, with the highest online penetration
  2. Clear vision, dedicated employees and focus on sustainability
  3. Competitive offerings in all formats and channels, with a large share of online shopping
  4. Strong brands and large customer base
  5. Stable historic turnover and earnings with favorable growth opportunities
  6. Experienced company management that can master the transition from physical to digital 



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Maria Edsman, CEO
+46 7 68 88 26 10

Ola Maalsnes, CFO
+46 10 165 49 28